Kayaking the Flamingo, Everglades National Park with the Hobie Pro Anglers


Though I do love Kayak fishing the one thing that frustrate me the most is the inability to carry all my gear with me. When Kayak fishing, there are some really cool images that I miss constantly because I just didn’t have room for the gear or was too scared to have it on the kayak.

The Hobie Pro Angler 14 came out a couple years ago and it was beast. At 135 lbs it was double the weight of my current Kayak. Though it had the capacity I pretty much figure with the weight it kind of negated the flexibility of having a Kayak. Believe it or not, though I had plenty of opportunity, I have not even been on a PA until this past June.

What I found out was yes it was a pain to launch, but once on the water it was an awesome fishing machine. Super stable, storage for all my gear and I can stand up at all times. This allow for some awesome fishing and photography opportunity. Standing up, sight fishing, getting skinny, using it as a Stand up paddle board and sneaking up on spooky fish was far easier in it than a boat.

This past weekend I borrowed a Pro Angler 12 and my friend Joshua who owns a PA 14 decided to do a little road trip to the Everglades. We were able to get skinny, using the drive system we were able to go against the wind and when it comes photo and break time we had plenty of room for food, coolers, drinks and even just stretching out our backs.

I was taking photos of tailing redfish with in a couple feet from the Kayak. We got so skinny the grass blades were showing all around us.This changes the game in Kayak fishing for me. Now I can actually take all my gear and not miss cool opportunities to get great images.

I just walked into the door, took a quick shower a couple hours ago. Here are the images I had a chance to edit before heading to bed. Hope to put up more tomorrow.

Hobie Pro Angler 12