Matlacha Baby Tarpo fishing 2012 w/ Capt. Joe Harley

Today I fish with Captain Joe Harley.. a buddy of mine that guides out of Matlacha Florida. The last time I fished with Joe was during the filming of the Under my thumb video back in 2010.(video bellow) that got show cased in the 100th anniversary edition of Saltwater in Fly fishing and the first ever IPAD edtion.

I was on my way back from Shooting with Patrick Sebile on the East coast and stopped by to do a little baby tarpon fishing. We started off bright and joining us was Scott Swartz of also down in Matlacha.

There was a good show but at the first spot but they were very shy so after about 1 hour of casting we moved on to the next poony area. Here I manage an eat but didn’t quite get the hook in him. The third location was the charm. After another jump off I finally get one to the boat using Joe’s 8 wt and his purple fly.

We moved to find bigger fish but it was just a bit too windy in the areas we wanted to fish. We tried one more more but again an eat but not no hook set for Scott. The fish got spooked after he felt the hook and moved away. Things started to slow down about hook as the fish show less and less.

We decided to packed in a little after lunch and call it a day. I wanted to get back home to catch up on things as I have been out of town since Sunday.

Lots to catch up on and schwags to send out.

Here are some images we manage to capture. Sorry not many was I finally fishing almost the entire time on this trip instead of taking photos.