On the road sup fishing

I have been on the road since Sunday 5am so have not much time to update here. They have been quick updates on fb more than anything.

I’m typing this at my friends joes Harley’s house on my iPhone wp app. His cat is annoying btw.

Ok back to fishing. After the drive from the east coast I wanted to do some fishing. The past couple days I’ve been filming people fish so that don’t count.

I borrowed a Hobie Sup to take out for a couple hours and it paid off. All I took was one rod, pliers and box of lures.

I tried the Doa shrimp at first but there were just too much grass. I tied on a top water lure and the worked quite well. I could cast quite a long ways with it.

The she dog yielded me two nice redfish before I just could not take the no seeum bites any longer and headed in.

At the moment the annoying cat is really bothering me so I have to end this blog entry urggh!