Graphite Saltyshores 2.0 Tarpon Micro fiber shirts, Startech Hark Drive Duplicator

So the Saltyshores 2.0 Tarpon Micro came in a couple days ago so I was busy packing them up and shipping them off first thing in the morning.

Most of you saw how the Orange ones look but I was pleasantly surprise to see how sharp the Graphite look.

Those of you that pre ordered the lat couple weeks, they all went out yesterday.

Other than that I was busy dealing with computer hard drive issues for most of the 1/2 half of the day. Luckily was able to clone it using a very inexpensive device saving me a much of head aches.

The Startech disk duplicator. It also doubles a docking for your SATA hard disk allowing you use any hard disk as an external storage.

The duplicating unit is stand alone so I does not tie up your computer. You pretty much put the source and destination drive in and press the button. Depending how large your drive is, it takes 1 hour to 5 hours to get it copied. I had a 2 TB drive so it took 5 hours. Pretty cool unit for about $50.00 to save all my data. I believe it’s well worth it.