Ram Mount Waterproof IPHONE 4/4s mounts, ICAST 2012

Ram mount has been a house hold name in mounting just about everything there is out there. I mainly know them from buying mounts for my bicycle, boats and kayaks. Honestly though, if you can put some screws in it you can use a ram mount.

This year amongst there plethora(I don’t get to use this word much) of products they came out with an Iphone 4 water proof case. I did a quick interview with them as they gave me a quick over view of the items.

Amongst the things of note is that all the buttons are now usable. Though it’s waterproof above the water it is not rated to be submerged. It does float if it falls into the water however.

Ram also make a universal mount for other types of phones with similar specs.

Here is a link to their series of waterproof mounts.


Thanks to the Redfish Ranger for shooting and editing the video.