A couple hours out on the Public Reef


I had a couple hours this morning(not really but it sounded good), to get out and do some much needed fishing in the local waters.

Met my buddy Mark, Deda and her friend Christine at 7am and loaded up the 19′ Cobai near shore boat to do some local reef fishing. After about a 30 minute run we pulled up to a very very active reef. Bait was everywhere, I can see sharks chasing bonita and the bonita chasing the bait.

Mark toss out a plug and immediately hooks up to a good 8 lb bonita. After a few of these guys I wanted to catch a permit. I tied on a DOA terror eyes but all I could get was the bonita. Even at that I couldn’t land any as the braid on my old reel was all rotted! Of course I didn’t realize this until after 4 lures.. Urrrrgh!

One of the bonita died on use during the shoot(they don’t last long out of the water). We took this opportunity to use him for bait for some shark fishing. We rigged on the Terez with a 16000 Saragossa spooled with 50lb braid with some wire. This did the trick and soon we had a 5 feet black tip boat side for some nice photos.

We were done by 10:30am.