Tempo Batteryless acoustic amplifier for Iphone 4/4s

This is a test for the Tempo Batteryless acoustic amplifier for Iphone 4/4s. I bought this baby online for $7.00 for those times when I want my iphone to be a little louder.

It’s basically a rubberize unit with iphone mount that amplifies the audio. It does have a charger holes so can charge while you use the unit as well. I’m thinking alarm close usage.

I used a sound meter to do the test via video bellow. The results is pretty good actually. 91.1 db just the iphone alone and with the unit we got 104 db over 10db gain in loudness.

The only draw back is that you can’t use when you have case on. It just does not fit properly.

Here’s the linke to get it for $7.00.

Tempo Amplifier