Saltyshores 2.0 Tarpon stickers are here, Saltyshores 2.0 sticker package.

Came home from ICAST yesterday to find the Saltyshores 2.0 Tarpon stickers at my door. Along with the shipment there were also Salty Fly Stickers and the new smaller version of the original Saltyshores stickers.

All three decals are:

Clear diecut and UV protected to last up to 5 years.

I still have the first one on my Pelican case I put on in 2008.

I am filling up the pre orders stickers today and they will all go out on Monday.

I also put together a sticker package deal for all three stickers.

The Saltyshores 2.0 sticker package includes:

two Saltyshores 2.0 Tarpon
two Saltyshores smaller version to fit more things.
two Salty Fly stickers

The package also include free shipping for $12.00

I am thinking about running some product give away later. Eligibly will be a photo of the stickers on your car, vessel, the ss sticker on anything really.

Speaking of things I’m working on, We are working on the Salty Fly Bahamas October. Will let you know about package deals we are trying to get as soon as we hear.