Lifeproof lifejacket water test, drop test and unboxing from ICAST 2012


Here is the unboxing video along with drop test and water test of the new lifeproof life jacket.

The unit allows your liefproof phone to float if you drop it as well as increasing the drop rating to 20 feet.

All the buttons are accessible and they have added holes to connect lanyards(which is included). Currently it is available in safety orange color easy visibility and retails for $39.95

This will work great in Kayaks. Besides the floatation, it will prevents scratches from sliding around and wont fall into the nook and crannies of your kayaks.

In the video you will see me dropping it 15 feet onto concrete and bouncing into the water.

Life Jacket link

Lifeproof lifejacket

The test and unboxing video

The interview at ICAST 2012

New colors from lifeproof