Duck Key Permit fishing with Capt. Dereck Rust


As some you guys might know that follow on Facebook, I have been down in the Florida Keys the last 4 days shooting photos. Don’t be jealous, it’s nothing super cool just real estate photos. I am not going to lie though, the places we shot at were pretty sweet .

After two days of all day shooting from Marathon all the way to Key West we had a break day during the fourth of July. I called my friend Derek Rust up to see if he had time to fishing. He actually had the day off .

Since the tarpon season down in the keys has been a bit slowed, we decided to fish for permit. The morning time was very difficult to see fish but we did manage to see a few but that refused the crab.

After a few more move, the tide shifted and we decided to go back to one of the old spot we had hit earlier in the day. As soon as we got there we saw a big permit spooked away. Not too long later Derek gets a permit that sucked down his free lined crab.

The currently ripping out the fight lasted quite some time, even in this hot 90 degree water. Permit are very hardy and this guy was not exception. It must have took 15minute to get this guy to the boat.

I finally had a chance to test out my new underwater housing for the Canon 7D.My old house got busted up but the airport in March when I had a trip to the Bahamas.

After we took a few photos we did a little more fish but called it a day to try to catch the fireworks. A nice little break for me since I have not been down in the keys to actually fished in quite some time.