ICAST 2012 Orlando Florida, new fishing gear, best of show


ICAST is theĀ  largest sport fishing tackle show in the world. This year it will be held in Orlando Florida next week, July 11th until the 13th. Yes it is on a week day and for good reasons. It is not open to the public since it is an industry show. Basically more of a new products, media, industry talks and dealer show.

To get inside to check out all the goodies from all over the world, you need to be in the industry some how and you must show verifiable credentials. If you can’t get in have no fear. You will be happy to know, I will be attending as media. This will allow me to take photos and videos of all the latest greatest gear.

In order for me to expedite the up to the minute updates you will get the best update via Saltyshores Facebook.

This way can upload direct from the Showroom floor. If you have not already go subscribe to the feed and click “like”

I will be there for the pre showing sneak peak media event July 10th that evening. Hope to see some really cool toys.