July 3rd 2012 Fireworks in Marathon Key Florida

July 3rd fireworks yes…

I happen to be in the Keys at the moment shooting some real estate photos. While at the local Walgreens a 1/2 drunk guy tells me he is going to watch fireworks.
I said isn’t that tomorrow night? He said ..yes but tonight as well. A local is putting it on. I can see the cashier rolled her eyes but I kind of believed him.

Since I had my gear with me I followed him. Surprisingly there was nice set up near the 7 mile bridge. I couldn’t find my good tripod, which is needed to shoot fireworks properly.

I dug around the back of the truck and manage to find a cheap not so stable tripod. It seem to work ok but it kept on moving on me making it quite annoying!

Regardless, here are some photos from tonight.

Happy 4th of July guys.. and I hope to get more tomorrow.

photo note: ISO 100, 3 second exposure, f/8 .. shot with the Nikon D7000 and the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye in manual mode.

I also did a write up on how to take fire work photos click here: