Puerto Rico 2012

Where are we staying,what are we doing, where are we eating?  Common questions we faced on a daily basis.  For most people who prefer a rigid schedule of planned events, well this trip would not have been for you.  We all packed light and were very flexible for whatever sounded fun.  Looking back it’s hard to believe we were able to fit as much as we did into a week.  A couple of days and nights touring and partying in Old San Juan, followed by a mountain top hike through the El Yunque rain forest.  A short drive to Farjardo and a $2 ferry we found ourselves in Vieques.  Being friendly to the locals while waiting for the ferry managed to get us a hookup on a taxi, hotel, biolumenscent bay trip, and the infamous scooters.  Cruising the island we felt like members of the Hell’s Angels, but in reality we probably looked more like we belonged in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  After two days of exploring and searching out the baby tarpon we decided to head back to Puerto Rico and go zip-lining and tour the Bacardi factory.  One last adventure was to go see Arecebo (world’s largest radio telescope).

For me the two best parts of the trip were the new moon trip to Bioluminescent bay.  Watching the fish run away from the boat looked like shooting stars under the water.  However it was too dark for photos and video, the images I’ll forever hold in my memory.  The other was the the scooter rentals.  A mere $40 and you kept the thing overnight.  We raced, explored, crashed, toured, crashed some more.   Even had the police pull us over but those secrets will remain on the island.

Here are a few photos from along the way.  I’m sure Sam will complete his “part 2” for a more detailed description of the trip.