Hobie Sailing Kit installation on the beach

One of the down fall of Kayak fishing is that when you launch at spot you’re pretty have to stick there for the most part. Well if you one of those guys that likes to paddle and expend tons of energy I guess you can move quite a bit.

The sailing concept solves a lot of issues with relocation that is for sure. You can move around much better with much less energy and you can even troll when you fishing in deeper waters.

Yesterday I met Jose up at a beach to do a bit of sailing for the Kayak. I’ve seen this here and there but never tried myself. Basically the entire kit was installed in under 30 minute. The kit included the sailing rudder for better controls, the stabilizers and the of course the sail it self.

After in the install we were able to sail right away. Me, I have never sailed before and it was incredibly easy. If you want to get all technical you can research more on it here. Me I just moved the tension on the sail until it catches wind and I used the rudder to control direction.

Pretty darn easy. I think my next cool trip on the kayak will be in a No Motor zone and or camping.

Though specifically design to work with Hobie Mirage Line of Kayaks I’m guessing Hobie Sailing Kit it can be modified to work with all kayaks as long as you have a rudder system and place to mount the sail.

Also to make life easier to put away the sail in case the wind dies or you’re anchored here is a video of DIY furl system. Pretty easy using PVP pipes and a rope.