Afternoon Bonefish Fly by Ahsley from Don’s Bait and Tackle

With all the rain we’ve had lately the only thing to do is tie flies and dream of calmer drier conditions. This time of year is one of the best times to get out in the early morning or late afternoon and chase tailing bonefish. This particular pattern has been very effective in that Endeavour. The fly can be tied with a variety of different weighted eyes for tailing or mudding fish and the size can be adjusted to match the conditions. It’s also a great redfish pattern when tied in the appropriate colors and size.

This example of the pattern is tied for tailing bonefish in slicked off conditions for Biscayne Bay. I have a fondness for olive although other color combinations will work.

Hook: Gamakatsu B10 Stinger #4
Tail: Ostrich Plumes
Body: Grizzly Marabou or Matuka with silly legs
Head: Senyo’s Laser Dub and weight appropriate eyes

I hope this gets the creative juices flowing.

Don’s Bait and Tackle.