SLAYER INC’s Sinister Swim Tail – SST

Slayer Inc's SST - Sinister Swim Tail

I have been a big fan of the whole line of Slayer Inc’s products for a long time. The Jacksonville Florida company produces some of the finest jig heads, weedless jerk bait hooks and assorted spinner baits that I have used. So when I heard that there was some “Top Secret” research and development going up in northern Florida, I couldn’t wait. Through several telephone conversations, I learned just how difficult it was to produce a swim bait lure. Or should I say, just how much passion owner Chris Cenci has for his dream. In his own words, “It had to be just right”. Well Chris, I think you got it right.

L to R - SST, ZMan, DOA, Bass Assassin
Swim Tail comparison






 Measuring 3 1/8″ long, you can see how it compares to several other popular swim baits. The difference between all them is the SST’s tail. The larger design, almost double the other brands,  along with the angle, which is almost a 90 degree angle to the body gives this swim bait unbelievable action in the water.

Rigged with either a 3/0, 1/8 oz XXX Penetrator Weedless Wide Gap hook or a Predator or Destroyer Jig head in the same size, this lure can be slow trolled back, twitched and let fall or ripped back. which ever your style of retreive, the fish cant resist it.


The following videos demonstrate the action rigged in both fashions. (Sorry for the poor quality, I’m a one man show).

Slayer Inc SST – Jig Head

Slayer Inc SST – Weedless Wide Gap Hook

After just a few trips with this lure, I can safely say that Chris has a winner on his hands. I prefer the weedless set up, slow trolled in and around big schools of mullet I have nailed redfish after redfish with the SST in “Gold Finga”.  With many new and exciting colors coming out, look for the Sinister Swim Bait in your local tackle store, or better yet just visit Slayer Inc and order them on-line.
Slayer Inc SST - Gold Finga