2012 Summer Snook Fly by Ashley of Don’s Bait and Tackle

Summer Snook Fly by Ashley of Don’s Bait and Tackle

I appologize about not having a video out in the last month or so, but with the demands of tarpon season from the guides and local anglers it’s kept me tying none stop for the last couple of months. It always amazes me the number of different patterns and styles of flies you get to tie during tarpon season.
“put in tapon photos”

After tying over a thousand tarpon flies it’s nice to change gears and get ready for 2 of my farovite types of fly-fishing. Sight casting to cruising snook on the beach and afternoon tailing bonefish. Here’s a video of one of my favorite beach snook flies. I’ll be updating these video post with fishing video and pictures as soon as possible.
Thanks Ashley

hook: Mustad 9175UPBLN #2/0 or Gamakatsu SC15 #2/0
Tail: white polar fiber, icelandic sheep, finn raccoon, or llama
Body: Varying colors or SF Fibers starting with white and mixing in darker back colors, finish with white cross cut rabbit
head: 3D epoxy eyes finished with epoxy or UV cure product