Custom Saltyshores Lifeproof case graphics

Ever since I came out with the Saltyshores Iphone cases, everyone that has a lifeproof wanted something to make there waterproof case cooler as well.

Here is a Mockup we are working on to add coolness and style to your lifeproof case. Let me know if you are interested(by clicking like) and we can pursue making this for everyone. Once done it will available in all species not just the tarpon.

The skins are now available at

If you are interested in putting your own images on the lifeproof skins we can do that for you. Please email


If you already have a case and want your own image on your lifeproof?

We take your image and and put on our skin. It is waterproof and super vivid as they will be printed on metal.

Don’t have a lifeproof we can provide that well w/ your own image! Black, White, Purple, Pink, Red or Blue.