Barracuda Boatworks Photoshoot


This past weekend I did a photoshoot for a new local boat company called Barracuda Boatworks. They are based out of North Port Florida which is not too far from Boca.

The boat is a 27′ SUV near shore(they have taken it out to 60 miles) to skinny water boat made to fit the family water life style of the westcoast water ways. It has high bow take seas and keeps you dry, high gunnels to keep the kids inside and safety offshore plus it floats in 12″ of water so you can fish the skinny water as well.

There are no limits to the options. Towers, from shade in the front multiple live wells as well as an abundant or storage. The hull was design from the grown up and has been in the works for the past three years. If you look at the lines it has characteristics of many boats out there.

They are using the images to create a fresh new website but here is their facebook pages.

Here are some images from the photoshoot I had a chance to edit. I will post more soon as I get a chance to get to more: