New Saltyshores 2.0 art for new shirts and stickers.

Today worked on a new Micro fiber shirt design. We have had the same design since 2009 so I figure it was time to change it up a bit.

The artist rendered a really cool Tarpon to be used on the shirt and new stickers. I will this Saltyshores 2.0 series.

These 5″ tall by 3.25″ wide stickers are on their way. They are die cut and UV coated to last 5 plus years just like the old saltyshores stickers.

If you like them you can pre order them now. You get free shipping as well as an extra one free for a total of 3 decals.

Also if you own a saltyshores product. Take a photo wearing the shirt, sticker on your boat or truck etc. Then email it to me and I’ll send you back a code for 50% off.

Pre Order

We are deciding on colors and layout of the shirts how. So far the consensus has been leaning for B, C.

What do you think?

These new shirts will be micro fiber and dye sublimated. No more hot spots on screen printed areas. They will be 100% breathable.