Bimini in May

Our plan was simple, go and catch fish…lots of fish.  However, someone forgot to tell the fish we were coming and they either left town or ate before we were trying to serve them dinner.   We were ready for just about any type of fishing.  Deep dropping in 1,500 feet for queen snappers.  Trolling the blue water for yellowfins, wahoo, and mahi.  Fishing the reef for black groupers and yellowtails.  Even sleep deprived middle of the night mutton fishing.  It was game on and we were swinging for the fences….and sometimes you strike out.


I guess one of the good things about the target species not wanting to be cooperative was that it allowed me to take some photos of other fish I don’t normally catch on a regular basis.  I thought I’d share some of the pics.


I’ll take “Things that not considered epic” Alex, for $100.