2012 Boca Grande Tarpon season in full swing

This weekend I was down there in Boca Grande Florida, arguably “THE” Tarpon capitol of the world.

Every summer the Tarpon migrate through Boca Grande and gorged themselves on the crabs that gets flushed out of Boca Grande pass.

I did not even picked up a rod while down there. I was basically down there to hang with some friends and get some images. There were plenty of tarpon that has moved in but the bite has been a bit slow all week. This weekend was no exception.

I got on a boat during the women’s tarpon tournament as well as the men’s tarpon tournament the next day. The tournament I’m guessing average about 30-40 fish caught. My opportunity for photos of jumping fish was not the best however. I had a chance at one or two predictable jumps but that was it for the two days.

One thing that stood out was there were not many sharks. I’m sure there are some there but I did not see and hear over the radio of any sharks sightings during the two days I was there.

Big Tarpon jump shots are tough to capture tact sharp and they definitely eluded me this time around.

I did find some spots that might hold baby tarpon and I will have to bring down my SUP next time to do some fly fishing.

Here are some images from Day one. Will get more done of Day two tomorrow.