This morning’s fishing with Nik and product shots (Iphone 4/4s cases)

Well I had a couple hours to fish this morning so I met my buddy Nik at the launch. It was slick calm, no wind, over cast out there and we thought the fishing was going to be awesome!

We both worked the top water to no avail for probably two hours. Then finally Nik gets small snook on his top water lure. I fished til about 10am until I had to pack it in. So in the three hours I was out there I can honestly say I did not get a single hit. Some days it just was not meant to be.

Of course on the way home.. “right after you left man…. I got this nice red..!” figures..

I got home ate some food and started to work on the must needed shots of the Saltyshores Iphone cases. This way people can see them in much better details. The cases are printed via dye sublimated aluminum. This makes them very vivid, colorful and super durable. I’m working on the retail packing now and they will be hitting the tackle shops here in the near future.(crossing my fingers, everything works out.)