Biggest fish Reid ever caught

Saturday I took my friend Erik and his 12 year old son Reid out fishing. The weather was not the greatest but it was clear skies on a Saturday and the boy wanted to fish.

Making the run across the bay was not pretty and everyone soaking wet in the 3-4 footers. 3-4′ waves isn’t bad for a bay boat but we were in my 17′ Ranger, a solid boat but not meant to be in that conditions for sure.

When we got there my trolling motor battery on my remote was dead so this made for some annoying moments trying to figure what was wrong. After about 45min of zero success we decided to drift and see what we can do. Since we had already crossed the bay mine as well get some fishing in.

With nothing really working we decided to move to the bridges. This was a challenge with no trolling motor but since it is much deeper water, I figured we can use the main motor to control our drift a bit.

This proved to worked quite nicely. We used pompano jigs to try to catch pompano but we caught a nice black drum instead. After a few tensed moment of us guiding Reid how fight the fish and having to drive under a bridge piling we landed the fish. The 10min fight on light tackle exhausted Reid but he was so excited when the fish finally surfaced. “OMG my biggest fish ever!” he yelled.

This made the whole trip worth while.