Tarpon zone by Redzone, Sailfish Iphone 4/4s Cases

Check it out.. my Tarpon image on the Redzone apparel line “Tarpon Zone”

The Saltyshores Sail fish iphone 4/4s case is available. Did not really expect it honestly, but I sold out of first shipment and got more in. I under estimated the offshore base for sure. I guess that is why most of the successful fish artist pretty much only paint Marlin and other offshore images.

This gives me a great idea. I have to get me an epic image of Bass. 🙂

Here is the Sail fish Iphone 4/4s case. They come in Black or White soft rubber. Dye sublimated aluminum so it’s tact sharp and never fades.

I shot this image during the first episode shoot of “Into the Blue” TV show shot down in the Keys with Captain Scott Walker.

The one liner of the show was.. Scott screaming “Goggle eye in the face!” .. you can hear it during the show. lol