Tactical Fishing Clip by Tacticalanglers.com

Cool product I just tried out called the Tactical Clip by the Tactical Angler.

Some guy name Alberto hit me up on Facebook a couple moths ago and told me the next time I’m heading down south he wanted to meet me for lunch. So a month ago I did and hooked me up with these fishing clips.

At first I told him I don’t use clips, I tie knots and which were fast, easy and didn’t weigh my lures down. He insisted I would like these as they were strong and very little hassle. I took them and went on my merry way.

It sat the in the truck for weeks before I decided to try them. Since I have been using lots of plugs lately, a couple weeks ago I gave it a shot.

I was quite surprise how easy they were were to take on and off. With the plugs I was using it did not affect the action little if at all. So now I find myself changing from top water to sub surface depending on the depths of water I am fishing quite often. Since it only takes a couple seconds, I was no longer looking for cutters, cutting my flouro carbon down and retying.

The clips I was using are rated at 50lbs which is more than enough for inshore fishing. They also have them up to 175lbs.

The come in a package of 10 I believe for about $5.99. There is not bearings or moving pars to go wrong so they are pretty darn durable. Unless you get cut off a bunch it will last quite a long time. I’m still using the first one I tied on.