Accent Paddle Transformer paddle system

As you may know I’ve been pretty active doing more kayak fishing as well as SUP(Stand up paddle board) fishing lately. Accent paddle is one of the company that I use one of their SUP paddle. They have made kayak paddles for quite a long time and It’s a pretty recognized brand in that industry.

This year realizing there is a need for a more versatile paddle system they have developed what is called their transformer model.

The Transformer Paddle converts in seconds to:

  • Adjustable length Kayak Paddle
  • Adjustable length SUP paddle
  • Adjustable length Stake pole
  • Adjustable length Push pole
  • and it has a built in 40″ measuring device.

I did a quick video of the product today showing how easy and versatile it was to change from one to another.

From the website:

It’s a kayak paddle, no, it’s an adjustable SUP paddle, no, it’s a push and stake out pole. Which is it? It’s all of them. I forgot, it also has a ruler system on the shaft for measuring your catch. Check out Accent’s latest versatile paddle for the fisherman who wants everything in one product.

The Transformer is offered in 2 sizes:
720 = 72″ to 80″ Adjustable SUP and 225cm Kayak Paddle.
780 = 78″ to 86″ Adjustable SUP and 240cm Kayak Paddle.

Accent Paddle Transformer