Drisuit Endurance Waterproof Iphone 4/4s case Unboxing and water test

I”m always looking for new gadgets and another waterproof Iphone 4/4s case is no exception. The Drisuit Endurance, currently retailing for $59.95 is $20 cheaper than the lifeproof case and promise work working when you hands or phone is wet.

Besides being 100% wateproof the screen is covered with a gel/liquid material to allow it to used when it is wet. While the lifeproof when your hands or the phone gets wet the screen just does not work. As you can see the in the video the gel allows you to use the screen even when wet.

The case comes with a lanyard for added security. A more thorough review with be coming up after I have used it for a few weeks. Right now my phone is still working after dunking it several times in the video so, so far so good. 🙂