Snap Shot ruler, a more controlled way of measuring your catch

Here is a quick review of a new gadget called the Snap Shot ruler I got in. This little item solves the sometimes issue of measuring fish on a regular measuring board. At times you don’t have much control over the fish. The ruler is going all over the place, the fish trashing and at times can be a bit dangerous with toothy critters.

Combined with a boga(or similar product), The Snap Shot Ruler holds the nose of the fish at zero and allows you to see the measurement of the fish very clearly. The clip attaches to boga and measures the fish automatically when you raise the fish vertically. For smaller fish this is a great way to get a quick measurement.

The ruler measures out to a hefty 40 inches. However, if the fish is that big and you intend on letting it go it is better to lay it flat on the boat instead of holding it vertically. This puts less stress on the fish and it’s jaw bone.

The product is waterproof and very compact. The only thing I would like to see it has smaller increments so it can be uses in a tournament situation.

The product sells for $12.99 on their website:


You can find it on Amazon for $10.99: Snap Shot Ruler