5wt Sweet water fishing


This Friday the 13th I got out this morning with my buddy Hank for a little sweet water fishing. Though I live near plenty of fresh water ponds full of bass and bluegill, I find myself drawn to the saltwater when I go wet a line. Today was the day however I took Hank’s invite to do some fresh water fly fishing.

Hank in is trolling motored canoe and me in SUP. We were launching our craft way up the river at Ray’s canoe hideaway. A quaint little establishment tucked away in a corner of what you can almost say, old Florida.


Photo note: All photos shot on the Nikon AW100 point and shoot.

Ray’s place consist of a rustic building draped in old Christmas lights and inside full of canoe rental gear.  A couple picnic tables and the ramp was pretty much it.

The launch fee was $6.00. A steal considering you have someone to watch you truck while you were gone and all. Not that it’s a problem but you never know these days.

The launch was carpeted as to not scratch the boat with a nice gradual slope.

The yellow popping bug was pretty much what we used on our 5wt the entire time.



My first fish of the day 5minutes after I launch was this little snook on the popper. I gotta say on a 5wt it was an awesome fight!



Hank with one of his many blue gills.



My two other species, the bluegill and the large mouth bass.


We packed it in about noon time to grab some lunch. I had a blast and will definitely do this laid back fishing more often. Besides if it’s too windy fresh water is always a good place to hide. 😉

Nothing like a buddy with a motor for the easy ride home…