3T Barefoot water shoe – Body Glove review

I have been using this 3T barefoot by Body Glove for a couple months now. I’ve used them to paddle board, Kayaking and wading the flats. They even traveled with me to Bahamas last month for 6 days for wade fishing.

The shoes are similar concept to the rest of the finger shoes out there. Low profile, light weight and fits like sock/glove. These ones by body gloves have 3 Toe area. I guess that is why they called the 3T.

It has drain holes in the sole w/ mess guard, Velcro straps and a bungy cord in the back to make the fit very tight. Tight is what you want in a water shoe. You want the shoe to drain quickly and feel snug for better feel. What you don’t want is excess water to remain in there along with other debris which can get quite uncomfortable.

The shoe fit great and was very comfortable. The drain holes drained well unless you get a bunch of sand in them. Not a big surprise since this is the case with pretty much all the shoes of this type I have tried. The sole of the shoe was surprisingly quite sturdy. I walked on some very jagged sharp rocks in the Bahamas and these things held up nicely. For the Bahamas(the area I wade fished) you definitely want something with more ankle protection.

I mainly use them for Stand up paddle boarding. It’s low profile so it allows me to have great balance and if I need to step off I’m not worried about stepping on oyster bars and cutting my feet all up. Yes I have stepped on oyster bars with them and they held up nicely.

If you’re into these type of shoes and do paddle boards, kayaking and do some wade fishing this is worth checking out indeed. The shoe retails for $49.00 which is about 1/2 the price of the competitors similar products.

Here is a quick video I shot today in the garage before I head out on the SUP.

Note: Video was shot on the Nikon AW100.