Night time Stand Up Paddle board fishing


This is the third time I have taken the paddle board out to fish in. I have to say like the concept of being able to stand up, paddle in supper skinny water and look for fish.

Tonight however was not the case. The day before I saw lots of fish but they were not feeding at all. I decided to back later that night on better tides and see if we can get them on top water. At 3am(the tide was good then), it was dark there was no use in sight fishing so we opted for the Top Dog by Mirrolure.

Adrian was brave enough to get out on the paddle board with me that night. We had some great action as the tide started to move out. A monster explosion on my Top Dog next to the Stand Up Paddle board scared the crap out of me. Adrian hooks a nice snook but it came off. I was really impressed how well the bite was. Usually when I plan on something like this the bite doesn’t usually work out.

After Adrian pulls in a nice redfish we drifted into the trout area. A few small trout got to the White with redhead Top dog then I had a really nice trout that even took some drag from me. He measured out at 23″. When the sun came up the bite died off quickly and decided to pack it in for the day.

Totaled we paddled almost 6 miles that morning. Compared to kayak fishing its definitely more work and not was efficient. It is a bit more fun though since you are standing up casting and fighting the fish. I am not going to say I like one vs the other they are just different. You definitely get more exercise in the SUP though.

I’m constantly learning how to be more efficient in the paddle board fishing concept. A few tweaks here and there I think I can get it down.

The K2 square cooler(30% cheaper than the popular brands) was used to store my gear and drinks. It worked great as a seat as well.
Small anchor or Wang Stake out pole would work great out there.
A wading vest definitely comes in handy for small items like, small pliers, cutters, lures, jig heads and leaders.

Photo notes: All shots taken with the waterproof Nikon AW100

This was shot with Adrian’s video camera.. he did a good job photoshopping Dragon Fly logo in there.

If you look at my left leg its all scrapped up. This happened in the Bahamas when I stepped in a rocky hole at night time. Ouch! I will elaborate when I finish the Bahama report.