Bonefish on fly, so shallow it beached itself

This is a video clip of us wading for Bone fish on the rocky flats out of Long Island Bonefishing lodge at Deadman’s Cay Bahamas. I would never thought fish, especially bone fish would ever get this shallow. I am talking ankle deep and some places not even.

Shot with Nikon AW100

I shot this video of Glenn hooking up to a tailing bone fish in super skinny water. The fish eventually came off but could not move as he was stranded. It was so shallow his body was two thirds out of the water. I actually thought it was a rock sticking out of the water when I first saw it. Glenn eventually walked over and the fish spooked and swims off in inches of water.

It is one of those stories that if I didn’t have the video to prove it no one would believe me.