Board shorts made for fisherman, Mojo board shorts with pockets

I have always liked the looks of board shorts I see these surfer guys wear. The only issue I have with them was they were not very comfortable for everyday use as the fabric does not stretch. Well in recent years they have changed that and made them out of 4 way stretch fabric material.

This was great. The shorts were very comfortable, dries quickly if you get them wet and got some cool patterns from the surf industries. The only draw back, when it comes to daily use if you were not surfing was the lack of pockets. Since they were made specifically for surfing there were no need for more than one pocket really.

Mojo realized this and came out with their line of board shorts made specifically for fisherman. With plenty of pockets, 4 way stretch fabric and even a reinforced side pocket designed to hold pliers. Good progressive thinking on their part. It’s one of those concepts that gets you to think, why didn’t anyone else think of this before.