Cape Canaveral Cobia fishing 2012

Spring means Cobia fishing on the East Coast of Florida. During this time of year, the Cobia make their way north for their annual migration. They will be either cruising in pods, singles, under turtles, shadowing bait pods, or shadowing Manta Rays. Most fish can be spotted free swimming on the surface and will look very similar to a shark. When you see Spring Breakers flocking the beaches of Cocoa Beach leaving their trash everywhere….. then you know the Cobia are here as well, lurking just off the beaches!

I had a chance to sneak out last week to see if the Cobia run had started yet. It wasn’t in full swing, but plenty of fish were out there to be caught. Bright colored jigs work great, but I have best luck on D.O.A. Swimmin’ Mullet! Fly fishing for these brown clowns are a blast, and are pretty easy to catch. They will give you plenty of shots with the 12wt, just be prepared to strip the big baitfish pattern as fast as you can and hang on when it eats!

Woody, Marshall, and Chris joined me last week to search for these fish and try to catch a few for the grill. We didn’t see many, but we had our chance to catch our daily limit hooking 4 fish but only landing 2. Cobia are good at shaking hooks out of their mouths with their powerful head shakes. Here’s Woody with his first ever Cobia!

Of course I had to get in some of the action…

Here is a short clip of my buddy Lam landing a Cobia with the help of Romeo the puggle.

Give me a call if you would like to get in on some of the action whether it be inshore for tailing Redfish or Nearshore for the hard fighting Cobia. Large Tarpon should be showing up soon off the beaches as well for those of you who would like to tango with the Silver Kings!

-Capt. Willy Le



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