G.Loomis Skiff Challenge 2012 Highlight Video

I had a great opportunity to help film the G.Loomis Skiff Challenge that took place last Sunday Feb 26th. The day prior I enjoyed “Live streaming” the SaltyFly. What a weekend it was!

I know the hard work Sam puts in behind the scenes and the smiles, camaraderie, laughs, smack talk, networking,etc. showed in what can be coined the” Super Bowl weekend of Fly Fishing” events.

When Sam gaveĀ  me his memory card from his camcorder and asked if I could edit this six plus hour event, I had some resolve and hesitation. I knew I had to do this event justice. With the footage I was able to get ( over five hours) and Sams’ footage, I decided to make a “Highlight Film” of this event. I had fun picking out footage and cramming it in to 10 minutes , but here is the end results. I have to say, these Fly Anglers know how to work it.

We can’t thank G.Loomis, HellsBay, ABel Reels, Scientific Angler, and Carbon Marine enough for this event and I hope this too becomes an “Annual” event coinciding with the SaltyFly.