Stand UP Paddle board fishing, SUP Flats fishing


One thing about fishing is that you can choose your method. What ever interest you the most that is what you do. If you like to bait fish so be it. Many like use artificial lures and many like to fly fish. Then of course comes the choice of vessel you choose to fish out of. There is wading, skiffs, baby boats, kayaks, canoes, sports fishing boat, jon boats, and center consoles.

Though I love all types of fishing, kayak fishing to get super skinny and stealthy(winter time) is one of my favorites. The thing I do not like so much about kayak fishing, is the fact you have to be sitting down most of the time. Not that you can not catch fish sitting down, sometimes you just want to see fish or stretch a bit.

When I saw all the stand up paddle board(SUP) at Surf Expo in Orlando recently, I was interested in using it to fish out of. There were a few there set up already for fishing.A quick youtube search and I found people catching tarpon, sail fish, red fish already out of SUP(Stand up Paddleboard).

This got me into research mode. I find that the Drangonfly Paddle board was made right here in Florida. They had some great ideas in the SUP fishing arena. With a V entry for quietness and toe rails to channel water away and out from your feet an gear it was worth a look.

A stop over at the factory and a demo ride had me buying one last month. I got to choose my colors from bottom, top, Sea Dek, and all kinds of options. I wanted mine pretty basic since I would to use it to exercise as well.

I got lucky and they had my colors in stock(white bottom, light blue top and light grey Sea Dek), it took less than two weeks to finish. The problem is with the Salty Fly to run I had no time to use it.

I finally got a chance to take it out today and I gotta say it was really fun. SUP Fishing is definitely not the most efficient way to fish but it’s a blast, not to mention it is great core exercise. You just get to see and it is just more comfortable when I’m casting, especially fly casting.

Only fishing for about 2 hours and I wound up catching a couple redfish on the Top Dog in about 1′ of water. Super quiet, stealthy and it feels like you’re walking on water.

For my first trip it wasn’t too bad. Now I need to figure out all the stuff I need and don’t need to bring on board for a day of fishing.

The ultimate goal this year is to get a nice Tarpon on the SUP and go for a sleigh ride. Then it’s to get a tarpon on fly on the SUP. Hey, one can dream can’t I? 🙂

Shots done on the iphone or Nikon AW100 point and shoot.

If you guys are going to the Tampa Outdoor Expo this weekend, I’ll have it at the Wang Anchor Booth so you can check it out.