Skull Island Skiff, First impression, microskiff


I had a chance today to go demo the Skull Island skiff made in the east coast of Florida. Though it is over 16′ the beam is only 60″. To me this qualifies it as “microskiff”.(a term people called super small super skinny floating poling skiffs in Florida) With a draft of 4″ and max HP of 30hp I do not think there will be any arguments there.

Now that we kind of categorized the boat next to ride in it right? First the fit and finished is excellent. You can tell the boat was well thought out and had many features a fisherman would want. We tested the center console model with a 30hp Honda motor today.

With 2 guys over 200lbs, the boat got up and go quite easily. There were trim tabs but none was needed. Almost no squat on the back end when we took off. The boat is very light weight, I believe I heard a number of 300lbs.

No sponsons on this boat so the turning and reverse was excellent. The boat had spray rails as well. I was a bit concern about hull slap(from the spray rails splash while poling) but I poled it with and against the 10-12mph winds today and none was noticeable as long as we were well balanced.

Speaking of balance being a microskiff and beam of only 60″, there is no such thing as walking on the gunnels on this boat. It is not the tippiest boat I have ever owned but you definitely need to pay attention.

The boat was dry indeed, head seas, following and quartering seas. Not that we were gong over much rough seas but the chop we were in today, we remained dry.

Poling the boat was also a pleasure. It glided well, spun nicely, and track excellent. Being super lightweight it was quite easy to maneuver around.

Beyond this first impression, I have not had much time on the skiff. As far as exact capacity I’m sure they will have it on the website:

Here’s a few photos I snapped while we had lunch at Little Harbor