Salty Fly 2012 Results, G.Loomis Skiff Challenge Results

The Salty Fly 2012, Super Bowl of Fly fishing weekend has come to a closed. 65 teams competing the gold and support from some of the biggest players in the game of Fly fishing it was a blow out fly fishing event.

Despite the not so favorable weather forecast every single team showed up for the 6am check in that morning. The party and live broadcast ensued at 3pm at Momma Iguana for drinks and libations. The Hells bay title sponsorship took this 2nd annual event over the top this year. We had so many people there and the parking was so congested Winn Dixie for the fist time complained that they ran out of parking for the their customers.

The 3 day event was a huge success and hope many of you can join us next year.

We have many more photos and videos to share but right for now I will just give you the results because I have to get some sleep.


Read the full story and more details you can go to Ed’s Fla Fly Fishing.



The setup

The crowd

1st Place
Team “Flatz Slobz”
Capt. Nick Angelo (L)
Capt. Bryon Chamberlin

2nd Place
Team “Flats Hunter”
Alonzo Sotillo (L),
Frank Leto

3rd Place
Team “20 Knots”
Leigh West (L)
Jay Wright

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G.Loomis Skiff Challenge results:

With 21 teams competing for the first ever title of the G.Loomis Skiff Casting Challenge Champion, the stage was set for a awesome day of competition.

Despite the nasty weather that was looking that day there had a great crowd!

The new Hell’s Bay Boatworks proving Biscayne and G.Loomis NRX 9wt was the weapon of choice. The ammo was the an Able custom reel, SA fly and the tool was the Carbon Marine push pole.

With 21 teams competing, the winds were whipping out there but the contestants pulled out some impressive times. The top 5 teams moved  on the final round. When the dust settled the teams with most experience pulled it out to win the grand prize.

The Crystal trophies, two G.Looms NRX rods goes to the Champion:

Capt. Colby Hane and Capt. Dave Chouinard


2nd Place, took home the crystal trophy and 2 G.Loomis Pro4X rods were:

Capt. Bryon Chamberlin and Capt. Nick Angelo