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Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

“GO FISHING” by Action Sports/Lifestyle Photographer Josh Letchworth

I’ve always preached the importance of “shooting more” and showing more people. And what better way than to start with things that you are passionate about. For me…family and doing things outside. Simple. They are my best teachers, muses, subjects and reasons for capturing good moments. When you can let go of the restraints of “what you have to shoot” and get in touch with “what you like to shoot,” you will undoubtedly find who you are an an artist.

I had the privilege of going out to Mosquito Lagoon with Willy Le of Native Fly Charters. Willy and I became fast friends after we worked together down in the Keys during an Everglades Boats shoot. We share a passion for fly-fishing and followed through with a trip to the coast to chase some redfish around. Willy is an incredible fisherman, photographer and guide. He knows those waters well and can spot a redfish from damn near a country mile away.

I shot some photos of our adventure.

A huge thank you to Willy for hosting me and pushing that boat around all day. It was a humbling, yet more importantly, awesome experience.

-Josh Letchworth