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Daily Archives: February 2, 2012

The American Shad – St. Johns River, FL.

Everywhere that I’ve lived in my life, I was at least 30 minutes away from the St. Johns River and I keep hearing about the Shad run that takes part every Winter and Spring but I’ve never went out and tried catching them until recently. My buddy Dominic Agostini invited me to join him on his new and improved Micro Skiff that he’s been working on for a while now. You may have seen it in one of my previous posts called Micro Skiff = Micro Poon. Well, since then he has added a poling platform by BT’s Welding and pushpole holders from Renzetti.

If you ask me one thing about Shad, I will probably scratch my head and say “huh?” This experience was all new to me, so I just sat quietly and took notes while Dominic explained everything there is to know about the American Shad. I never knew that these were saltwater fish that migrate down to freshwater areas of the river to spawn.

Once we launched the skiff and headed north through the windy creeks, It came back to me how pristine this part of Florida was. The scenery and all of the wildlife put me in a whole new world as if I was going on an African Safari Tour. What a great time to break out the Nikon DSLR and the long lens for a photography session while we were on the way to the fishing spot.

Once we came off plane, we immediately saw some flipping on the waters surface. It was Shad feeding on small minnows that were flowing in the current. It didn’t take long until Dominic hooked into the first fish of the day on his 3wt.

Then it was my turn on deck while Dominic was armed with the camera to capture some jump shots.

We caught several Shad each along with some pretty impressive Bluegill that put up a good fight.

After about an hour of catching Shad and Bluegill, we decided to just go joy riding and enjoy the great scenery that the St. Johns River has to offer.

I think I might started taking advantage of living close to the St. Johns River and make more trips out there to enjoy the great fishery and amazing scenery.

-Capt. Willy Le

Lithionics battery, Epic Battery break through

This sounds too good to be true but finally a new battery technology that is ridiculously lighter by 4 to 7 times, charges faster and better running time. Imagine the possibilities. Not only in skinny water boats but remote situation like camping and travel with electronics. It even has a “never die” mode that allows the batter to last up to a year!

“Push the NeverDie™ Button and the Battery Retains Power for 1 Year
Battery Enters Sleep Mode if it Senses Battery Drain”

These batteries weigh a third of normal batteries, have 5 times the running time and charge in half the time. Imagine what this will do to a flats boat.

Skeet Reese and Arron Martin already use them and they had to buy the batteries themselves.

From there website:

“Next generation lithium-ion battery technology lasts longer, charges faster and is more environmentally friendly than any other battery available today. Not only are Lithionics Battery products leapfrogging existing performance and cost standards, but we’re doing it the right way – by addressing the critical global need for safer forms of energy and large-scale renewable energy storage.

Unlock the power of energy independence wherever you are, no matter what you’re doing!

Lithionics Battery is committed to be the best. Instead of blanket-blasting the marketplace, we’ve decided to maintain a clear focus and specialization in five market sectors:

Automotive Energy
Power Sports
Marine Energy
Mobile Audio
Emergency Energy

For these sectors, we develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality Lithium-Ion systems for independent energy supply. We sell our systems to private investors and individuals throughout the world via our network of distributors and dealers. Achieving the right combination of power, weight, durability, and reliability ensures market leading performance for the demanding conditions in which they will be deployed.

Contact Us to discover how Lithionics Battery brings dependable power to your everyday applications! “