Loon Nip N’ Sip review by Brian Sawyer


Loon Nip ‘N Sip

By: Brian Sawyer


I was growing tired of carrying the same dull pair of finger nail clippers in my back pocket I decided to surf the internet for a decent set of line nippers. Low and behold I stumbled up upon these little guys, The Loon Nippers. So I got on the horn with Loon, and I was delivered pair within three days. Seeing as how they were priced at only $20 I didn’t exactly think I was getting the world’s greatest fishing tool. Man was I wrong, these things are amazing!

– Stainless Steel blades
– Bottle opener
– Extra wide thumb pads
– Eye clearing needle
– Ball chain attachment    or 10 sets of bead chain eyes



As I am on the water quite frequently I always carry a pair of pliers on me, any fisherman would be a fool not to. However, sometimes your standard pliers just don’t cut it (no pun intended). When I need to cut the tag ends of a blood knot all the way to the knot or clear an eye of a hook, regular pliers tend to fall short and you need a more specific tool. That’s where the Loon nips have really come in handy.

Of course I had a few test of my own:

I cut several thickness of mono line including 10lb -120lb and even 400lb! Although the 400lb line needed quite a bit of pressure, it cut through all of them flawlessly.

1. Attach to vest, pack, etc
2. Use to cut leader, tippet, etc
3. Also use to open beer bottles

(400lb Monofilament Line)

Another great feature that performed impeccably was the eye clearing needle. It is located just in-between the jaws out of the way of any accidental slip of the finger. Its stainless steel thorn will clear the toughest powder coat build up on any jig head as well as any excess thread build up around the eye of a fly.


Finally I had to execute the “beer cap removal” test, not because I was concerned it would malfunction but mainly because I just wanted a beer. Needless to say it didn’t let me down……….. all six times.



Overall, the Loon “Nip ‘N Sip” nipper is quite an impressive tool. Whether you are a hard core fly fisherman or just a beer drinking weekend warrior these nips are perfect for any angler’s pocket. At a low cost of only $20 and a stainless steel construction you can’t go wrong.

Amazon Link to the Loon Nip N’ Sip