If you see this truck in your area you should know two things

No do not call 911. This is Captain George M Gozdz new wrap boat for the Florida Sportsman web show called “Reel Time”. The show is based on their popular forum. George and the crew go around Florida fishing and filming with regular fisherman like you and I. They pick the best bite they see posted on the FS forum, contact the anglers and go get the footage. Very reality TV ish.

They have already filmed a few episodes check it out: http://www.floridasportsman.com/rtfs/

The other thing you should know is:

All that aside, the coolest part is the epic tarpon tact sharp, full frame photo on the wrap was shot by yours truly. đŸ˜‰



Ok more unashamed  patting myself in the back. I also have this month’s cover with with Gator trout with Capt. Jason Stock. The fish was caught right here in Sarasota Florida.

I must add, it’s their best cover this year. lol(I know it’s still Jan)