East Coast Pigs with Cameron by Kapers

Generally I dont fish during the winter months because the cold gets to be a bit much for this Florida Boy. But recently we have had a fairly mild winter so I thought what the hey let me get out and do some winter fishing.

I gave Cameron a call and asked how the fishing was on his coast ( Florida East coast ) this time of the year? He told me if I was going to fish the East Coast that now was the time. So I packed my gear and hit the road the following morning.

I met up with Cameron at 6am and we began our journey which ended up being a 9 hour day out on the water doing what we love. We started the morning off using MirrOlure She dog top water lure. We landed multiple trout the smallest at 26 inches and me landing my personal best a 30 inch trout.

But trout wasn’t the purpose of the trip. We were in search of Bulls….. Bull Reds that is. So we left the trout and headed to where the fish were known to cruise. We anchored up the Kayaks and waded the area. I feel wading allows for a stealthier approach. These fish are big and they didnt make it to that size because they are stupid. So we wanted every advantage in our favor. And it worked out just the way we wanted.

We both landed multiple fish in the 42-45 inch range but the fish that made it all worth it was My 50 inch Bull and Cameron’s 51 inch Beast. All and all a great day on the water. I have now reconsidered winter fishing in the beautiful state of Florida…