Drift Paddle by Power-Pole, prototype


Last week I spent a couple day days with the guys from Power-Pole at a beautiful spring called the Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida. They were there to test and create media for a new prototype product called the “Drift Paddle”.

The Drift Paddle is an attachment for the Power-pole unit that allows you to slow down your drift on the flats or lakes by up to 40%. You can change direction, run with the paddles on and even easily removable if you did not want to leave it on the boat. And yes power pole still works to stop the boat even with the Paddles on.

All the prototyping aside the coolest part was the how awesome the Rainbow river was. The water is a constant 72 degrees as it comes out of a spring. Even though it was 38 degrees that morning I was swimming in the crystal clear water by 10am that morning. It felt great and the underwater photos came our excellent.