New Waterproof iphone 4 and 4s case, 2012 Surf Expo by Dri Suit Technology, Dri suit endurance


When I had a chance to walk around to see new stuff at Surf Expo I came across new waterproof iphone 4 case. As you guys might know I own an iphone 4 with lifeproof case.

Since I already own one I almost just walked passed but I i figured I stop and give it a chance. At first glance it’s nothing special, just another waterproof case. But talking to the people and looking at the product more closely a few things I really like was evident.

It had a special held phone adapter which allows for much better audio. I have muffle issues with the lifeproof at times but using bluetooth it does not bother me that much. However for the times I do not have a bluetooth handy it can get frustrating. This built in adapter is also waterproof. So all you have to do is plug in head set and you are ready to go and it will still be waterproof. On the Lifeproof I would have to use a different headphone adapter to use one and it can be a bit cumbersome.

Taking the case off was quite easy with a couple clips that locks. The opening allows for any type of charger adapter. They tell me it has been test 20+ feet no problem at all. The LP on the other hand is rated to only about 6′.

Another interesting point is that there is gel like covering on the screen. What this is does is allow for full operation even when wet or underwater. Most waterproof cases this was an issue. You would have to start the recording or use another way to activate taking photos while wet or underwater besides the touch screen.

Best of all they tell me the retail value when it comes out late February will be $59 25% cheaper than the Lifeproof.

This all sounds great, I would love to get ones in my hands to test out for you guys. Meanwhile here’s a little video I shot at the Surf Expo 2012.

DriSuit Endurance Waterproof Iphone 4/4s case

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