William Joseph Mag series chest pack, Winter low tide fishing accesories

Before I had left for surf expo last week I had been on the water with kayak a bunch. I choose the kayak because besides being more stealthy it allows me to get super shallow this time of year.

With the cooler temperature the fish just hangs out shallower much longer than they would in the summer time. More oxygen in the water etc.

Wading fishing is the key to covering more area and stealth once I get to my fishing location. Sure I can stay in the kayak but I feel I cover the area better if I wade fish.

One of the accessories I like to use if I’m out on a long day is the chest pack. It allows me to bring more gear like leaders, extra lures, pliers, cutters, jig heads etc.

The chest packs is awesome but some of the ones I use to use in the past would have a bunch of zippers in them. This was great in freshwater but once you start using it in saltwater it gets ruined pretty easily. If you’re like me, I use the products, I do not buy them to look pretty and put them away. I actually use the products, wow what a concept!

Sometimes I forget to rinse the items I use(which you should do always when fishing in saltwater). For zippers this becomes a disaster as they corrode and render your expensive pack virtually useless.

William Joseph, one of the leaders in fishing packs, has came out with the Mag Series of packs. These packs utilizes naturally occurring long lasting magnets to open and close the bags. To me this is genius, and perfect for a guy like me that often forget close them at times. No more slinging lures all over the place because i forgot to zip up the bag. The mag series virtually closes itself.

The mag series essentially solves many of my issues with 1. forgetting to rinse after fishing 2. forgetting to close latch after grabbing something. I plan on replacing my boat bag with the mag technology as well. Nothing more annoying than running in a boat, forget to close your bag and all your stuff spills out all over the darn place!

William Joseph Mag Current Chest Pack