Surf Expo 2012, Bote Board stand up paddle board design for fishing


One of the SUP (stand up paddle board) I checked out during the expo was company called Bote Board. The company is based out of Destin Florida. From the quick look over I did it seems like they got some really nice fishing amenities on board. The cooler is used for sitting down, storage, as well as being able to stand on to see fish better. A leaning post allows for an easy to reached rod holders and can accommodate a backpack for more storage.

At 12′ long and 32 inches wide it is very stable to fish out of. At just a bit over 30lbs could be easily carried around and put on a skiff for portage to a remote destination.


– 12 Feet Long
– 32 Inches Wide
– 33 lbs.
– 5 Inches At Thickest Point
– 1/4 Inch Balsa Stringer
– Double Concave Bottom
– High Quality EPS Foam Core
– High Quality Fiberglass Skin
– High Quality Epoxy Resin & Paint Shell
– Poly-urethane Rubber Coating
– Deck Pad**

Here is an interview we did at the booth at surf expo 2012 w/ our host Leslie from SUP Radio.

Will have to demo one soon.