Poor man’s gopro pov camera, Swann Freestyle 1080p HD Waterproof Sports Video Camera


As you know the Go Pro has brought the POV camera to a new level the last couple years. To me GoPro are the market leader and rightfully so. They have a great product and an excellent viral marketing campaign to boot. The mounting options are incredible, their facebook pages alive with user input. They continue to add features and upgrades like 3D and HD2 versions.

$200-230 gets you the basic package for a GO Pro Hd, if you want LCD it’s another $100.00. They have tons of accessories.

Entering the market, comes the the Swann Freestyle 1080p camera, Swann has made small cameras before but this the first ones I know of that made to function similar to the GoProHD.

They look similar and the specs are quite similar as well. 1080p, waterproof to 65 feet and plenty of mounting options.

The thing about the Swann is that it comes with a bunch more that GP add at a price.

Things like

-Flat screen housing for better underwater footage
-remote control
-Color LCD screen
-Variety of mounts
-Easy programmable menu via LCD
-8 megapixel stills vs 5mp

To get all this in GoPro Package you are looking at about $400.00

The Swann comes with all this for $189 to $224(Depending on sales going on) via Amazon.com.

Swann Freestyle 1080p camera

I own a gopro but I had to buy one since it was such a great deal. I have not used it on the field yet however I just did a video unboxing of the unit recently. So far from messing around with unit around the house I really like the features.

Look for a full review coming soon when I get a chance to use it on the field.