Bluebird Low Country Duck Shoot

Went with friends out to the Santee Delta on Friday morning to try and shoot some ducks. The fog was so thick that it took us over two hours to get 9 miles in the boat. Once we made it to the blind (an hour after shooting time), the fog lifted and we were were greated with some unblieveable fishing weather. Not a cloud in the sky or a hint of wind – not the weather you are hoping for when packing up your waterfowl gear the night before. Regardless, we were able to shoot at some decoying birds and managed to scratch a few out. Honestly, I could have gone without pulling the tirgger at all in a blind that beautiful. When watching the sun come up over a Low Country rice plantation, its hard not geting a little overwhelmed thinking about the history of a place like that. Imagine the heat and the mosquitos in the summer while hauling rice out of the fields. It must have been brutal. The hurricane shelter in the photos was built in 1822 – hard to believe the structure is still intact with orginal bricks and beams.